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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The information, updates on this blog is about education, has got from varied bloggers. The information will remain continuously updated by bloggers. Updated information should be accepted as information got from bloggers. Information would be changeable according to bloggers. The blogger would be responsible for his updated information. Information updated on this blog is posted through RSS feed link approved by source provider blogger. Readers and viewers cannot file any objection about posted information. The information, seen on blog, may not be sent percent reliable or trustworthy. Final decision would be taken by this blog admin. Rules and regulations would be continuously changeable by blog admin.

Disclaimer : This is not an official website of Gujarat Education. This website has been created to provide information to help the users in getting various information based on Education, Job and Usefull Information. If you want to browse official website, you may click on we provide only of getting various source information and our experiance based so our infrmation not fully sure so please go to post related official website and make official information.

This is not the official website. it is just a blog to provide basic information to the users about education and other useful information. If anyone has any problem with the contents of this website, please contact at 

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