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Smartphones are the way people have become in today's times. That's how apps are playing an important role in completing day-to-day work. In this regard, Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal has shown that the apps are a big hand in fulfilling the government's target of good quality and 24 × 7 reasonable supply. With this, he said that the app is free like Merit, Electricity Stream, Proud, Energy Friend and Sun Friendly to make the work easier for the people. If you talk about the work of these apps then you will be able to get the details of how many electricity units have been spent from filing complaints, power cuts will be cut, compare prices of electricity to states, check power supply etc.

This is APPS

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Surya Mitra


The actual price of electricity will show:

1. Whether the state is charging the right value to consumers, this concept can come up.
2. Does Merit App users know whether the state actually gives priority to cheap sources of power? It is generally seen that this does not happen.

3. Consumers can compare prices that buy state electricity and supplies.
4. Electricity prices for each state on the Electric Stream app are updated based on real-time prices.

Information about electricity dissipation

1. Consumers can obtain information about electricity from the power ministry app.
2. Energy Friends provides you with real-time information about electricity cuts.
3. In addition to this, the 'Energy Friends' schedule and the current electricity are known to be cut.
4. Subscriber Shadules can also get an alert for reasons of deduction.
5. After the launch of energy friend, more than 110 million messages connected to power deductions have been sent to customers.

You can also complain

1. Through 'pride' the consumer can also file complaint of electricity distribution companies, which aims to monitor the rural and domestic electrification.
2. 'Energy Friend' gives you information on power deduction, time connection and lodging complaints.
3. As of June this year, 10.1 out of 14 million subscribers have not been cleared.


1. The Ministry of Energy delivers solar energy through Surya Mitra to Khwada.
2. The Department trains employees to provide customers with the establishment, repair and management services of solar products.
3. About 11,000 people have been trained for this in the past two years.

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