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Calculation for Mid Day Meal scheme because we are presenting a new and very helpful application MID DAY MEAL Calculator.

You can calculate all required information of daily use by filling only number of boys and girls of primary and secondary sections. For this you have to fill all necessary information like Grains and other item detail including quantity in gram per student and price only once.

MDM Calculator Features

1. You can manage and update all item detail as per your need any time.
2. You can maintain stock detail of all items with In-Out date and quantity.
3. Item stock details will be automatically updated according to daily use.
4. You can get following kind of reports in this application:

1. Daily use report
2. Stock In-Out report.
3. Item use report between your given dates.
4. Monthly Report.
   5. Stock report with current previous and used item detail.

6. You can get all this information any time because all this data will be stored into your mobile phone, so you can get information of any day or any month at any time. 

Apart from this you can get many more features in this app which will save your valuable time and will reduce your paper work.
so download MDM Calculator now
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